Today, most people send letters of introduction via email. Be mindful of how you send that email. For instance, there’s a difference between sending a letter of introduction and a referral letter.

Let’s say your friend, Sandra, needs a freelance copywriter. You worked with a great copywriter, Joseph, and you tell Sandra you’ll send him your details. In this case, you’d send Sandra something similar to an introductory email, but since it’s a referral you’d likely cc Joseph, so he and Sandra can continue the conversation on their own.

Now, let’s change the circumstances a bit. In this scenario, let’s pretend Sandra owns a copywriting agency and Joseph is looking for a full-time gig. He asks you to introduce him to someone who works in an agency. When you send this letter of introduction, you would not cc Joseph on the email. If you did, you’ve put Sandra on the spot. You’d simply include Sandra’s contact information and leave it at that.

When writing a letter of introduction for yourself, the steps are almost identical with a few subtle differences:

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