Namastey and Hi Guys,

 It’s me Rabi Gorkhali born on 1994 September 18 in the historically enriched place of Bhaktapur, Nepal. I always wanted to be a detective which was inspired by one of my favourite films. But the fortune took me to another way, to the journey of Information Technology. I have completed my Diploma in Engineering in IT in 2014 A.D. and Bachelor Honors in IT in 2018 A.D. I started working as a software developer in 2017 and currently working at Ekbana Solution.

 Since childhood, I was very open minded and was less overprotected by parents. I still remember roaming the whole day with friends when i was 5-6 years old. I guess other children wouldn’t go out without the permission of their parents. Because of this I got huge opportunities to learn and earn people beyond my school friends. I was one of the active students in school like engaging in dancing, sports, and other curriculum activities. Since childhood I always go on evening walks which makes me feel that i am really active in life.

 Though I love exploring and social life, I am really shy in nature and less talkative. I always wanted a break after some periods of working life or bachelor life. A phase of my life came  where I was able to manage my travel cost, and the desire of exploring new places, love towards nature led me to trek and travel to different parts of Nepal. I began to travel 3 times a year taking a break from work and study. And I will keep on travelling till my legs are with me.

 Beyond study, travel, family and work, I am a social worker as well. It’s been more than 7 years contributing my time and effort for the sake of community, peace and humanity through the Rotaract Club of Bhaktapur. Rotaract has really brought a big positive effect in my life. It gave me opportunities to utilize my spare time for good things, earned me a huge group of nice people, taught me to become a leader, taught me to learn from failure and success. It really helped my life to be surrounded by positive energies.

I am always committed to all aspects of my life and I believe life is better when all these things are balanced.

Anyways thanks for visiting my website, go through all the pages available may be you will find some information you needed and yeah keep in touch. 🙂

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